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Rubber Review

I don't really know how to introduce this one. If you haven't heard of the movie Rubber, directed by Quentin Dupieux, it is a movie following a car tire named Robert (They did actually give it a name) as it travels through the desert blowing things up with its psychic powers. Intrigued? Partially insane? Me too. This was one of those movies I heard about, and saw a trailer for, and just thought to myself "I am so utterly confused at humanity right now, but that sounds AWESOME!"

Presenting itself as a show within a movie, Rubber allows for an audience, a presenter, and a film to all exist and occur within a film. This allows for breaking the fourth wall (which they do, alot) without actually ruining the world of the movie. This movie pokes so much fun at itself, that could account for half the laughs right there. The "presenter" bringing up to a group of people that nothing they are doing is real life, and asking a police officer to shoot him to prove the point. The "audience" also plays an integral part, watching a tire go on a murderous rampage, and performing somewhat witty remarks the whole time.

Another amazing attribute to this film is the deadpan delivery by the majority of the actors, as they move and live in a world where a tire is alive and killing people with psychic powers, they walk around and talk as though they were watching television, or waiting in line to get a coffee. The lead actor, Stephen Spinella does this best of all, breaking the fourth wall, telling a group of people nothing is real, and then having to take it all back and go back to "investigating a murder" as sergeant. He does it all as though he had done it thousands of times, and was bored by the procedure.

And then there's Robert. A car tire that awakens and begins roaming the desert murdering for fun. I would say a homicidal psychic tire is amazing in it's own right, but something so simple brings the "acting" of the tire over the top. The most amazingly simple, but hilarious part of the tire's performance is, watching tv. It seems to live just sitting in a chair, watching a jazzercise workout, or better yet, some Nascar.

Now I will say, there was a lot less murderous rampage in this movie than I expected, so if that's the only reason you would watch it, then you're better off with The Signal, or Rambo, etc. This is really a perfect movie to watch and not take seriously for a second, cause it never asks you too. From the very beginning this movie is playing off it's own silliness and "For No Reason"-ness. Quentin Dupieux does an amazing job at bringing an odd idea to life, and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It's available on Netflix Instant Streaming, which is how I got it, and if you have about an hour and a half, I would suggest you check out Rubber.

So there you go, first movie review in the bag, and it has been a while since I had to show any amount of writing prowess, so let me know how awful it was in the comments, also let me know what movies you'd like reviewed next.

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